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Lawrence County Illinois enjoys a strong alliance of county, city and state organizations where public and private sectors work together to meet your needs. The Lawrence County Industrial Development Council (LCIDC) was formed over 30 years ago to serve as the primary point of contact for business and industry inqueries. Our Council partners with local leaders to provide a welcoming, business-friendly environment that is tailored to your needs. We are an experienced administrator for Enterprise Zone and Revolving Loan Programs. We also operate one of only six Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) residing in Illinois. The FTZ illustrates our county’s visionary commitment to commercial growth and success.


Lawrence County is located at the intersection of US Route 50 and Illinois Route 1.  We are centrally located to the Midwest’s largest major metro areas.


Almost 17,000 residents live in Lawrence County, making us small enough to be responsive and friendly, yet large enough to provide excellent schools and healthcare access.

Foreign Trade Zone

A critical resource for companies looking to ship merchandise into and out of the United States.

Local Benefits

With a low cost of living, low crime rate, unique local shopping and restaurants, Lawrence County is a great place to call home.

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Business Resources

Starting your own business is never as easy as it should be. We are experienced advisors.

Industrial Property Search

We are your one call for gathering the county's resources.

Employment Opportunities

Lawrence County is home to wonderful employers. Dependable county-wide bus service and well developed road system make getting to work easy. Your next employer could be here.

Lawrence County Enterprise Zone

Promotes development and improvement to commercial, industrial and residential properties via tax incentives. In addition to covering program benefits, the LCIDC explains application and reporting obligations.

Revolving Loan Fund

Provides county businesses with financial support for approved startup and expansion plans. The LCIDC accepts applications and explains lending policies, rates and terms. We work closely with primary lenders to assure that our supporting role is helpful to local projects. You may obtain basic information and an application from the LCIDC staff.

Foreign Trade Zone 146

Enables our region to compete fairly on the world stage. The zone’s secure operations
earn waivers from certain duties and fees when bringing components into the U.S.A.

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Celio Oliveira

USA Aero Refinishing LLC

USA Aero Refinishing is an aircraft paint shop focusing on quality and attention to detail- inside and out. As a result, owner Celio Oliviera has repeat customers from as far away as Australia and frequent customers from Canada, South America and the UK. “Owners from Illinois, Indiana, the Midwest and Florida consider my shop’s Lawrence County Illinois location and adjacent airfield to be ideal.”

Mark Bowler

Bowler Transmissions

"When I was looking to expand Bowler Transmission we had several decisions to make.The IDC reviewed our plan and were quickly given an option to move into the new Lawrence County Industrial Park.The IDC worked with us to meet with the City and the bank to secure a low interest loan. We are into our 11th year and have accomplished what many thought was impossible, bringing a performance based automotive company with national and global customers to a small farm town in Illinois. Being centrally located means we can ship to the East or West coast within 2-3 days."