Lawrence County is located in Southeastern Illinois. The Wabash River forms the eastern boundary, Crawford County forms the northern boundary, Richland County forms the western boundary and Wabash County forms the southern boundary. Evansville, Indiana is one hour’s drive south of us and Terre Haute, Indiana is one hour’s drive north of us. We are within easy driving distance of Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Lexington, Louisville, Nashville, St. Louis, Kansas City and Milwaukee.

In addition, Lawrence County is only 35 miles west of the MEDIAN CENTER OF THE U.S. POPULATION. (The median center is located at the intersection of two median lines, a north-south line constructed so that half of the Nation’s population lives east and half lives west of it, and, an east-west line selected so that half of the Nation’s population lives north and half lives south of it). If you are in a logistics sensitive business and need your products and/or services to get to your customers just in time and at a reasonable cost, you need to be in Lawrence County, Illinois.

Distance to Major Metro Areas

City Miles
Atlanta  435
Chicago  236
Cincinnati  185
Cleveland  365
Detroit  420
Indianapolis*  130
Kansas City  350
Lexington  195
Louisville*  120
Memphis  250
Nashville  200
St. Louis*  135

*St. Louis, Indianapolis and Louisville can be reached within two to three hours driving time.