Lawrence County Local Loyalty Bucks update

Lawrence County Local Loyalty Bucks update

The Lawrence County Industrial Development Council (LCIDC) and the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce (LCCC) are very satisfied with the success of the Local Loyalty Buck program! “We have really hoped for $5,000.00 when we started. We never imagined that we would sell almost $18,000.00 in the first year,” says Rachel Gard, LCCC Executive Director. The Lawrence County Local Loyalty Bucks program has sold $17,995.00 bucks with $12,675.00 being redeemed by businesses. The new program is designed to stimulate Lawrence County’s economy through promoting supporting local businesses. Individuals can purchase Local Loyalty Bucks at the LCIDC, 600 Cherry Lane, or LCCC offices, 813 12th St, in denominations of $5, $10, $25, or $50 and will receive a list of businesses where the Local Loyalty Buck are accepted. Cash only payments accepted. Businesses treat the bucks the same as cash and are reimbursed by LCIDC or LCCC. “We can use this program to help us understand and promote shopping local, which is important to sales tax revenue, local business success, job retention and creation, as well as customer satisfaction,” states Courtney Yost, LCIDC Executive Director. Once receiving these bucks, a customer has a wide variety of places to spend their money, so they aren’t limited to one place anymore.

Local Loyalty Buck Participating Business List.

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