Foreign Trade Zone #146
Lawrence County, Illinois

Southeastern Illinois has a well-established, business-friendly environment for domestic and international businesses. We aggressively promote foreign trade investments by providing the tools for companies to expand their operations. Our Foreign Trade Zone (#146) plays an important role in encouraging investment in Southeastern Illinois. It does this by helping businesses save money and by serving as a critical resource for companies looking to ship merchandise into and out of the United States.

Our Zone offers numerous economic benefits such as the ability to reduce, defer or eliminate Customs duties on merchandise that enters our zone. If your company imports a part, an assembly or a finished product, you should, at least, be aware of our Foreign Trade Zone and its possible benefits.

Of the Seven (7) Foreign Trade Zones in Illinois, we are the 3rd largest in size and volume.

We are one of three Foreign Trade Zones in the United States that can do business in more than one state (ILLINOIS & INDIANA).

The Bi-State Authority (Mid-American Air Center’s Board of Directors) is our Grantee.

The Lawrence County Industrial Development Council is the Bi-State’s official representative in the management and development of Foreign Trade Zone #146.

The Foreign Trade Zones Board approved a 43-acre General Purpose Zone site located at Mid-American Air Center in 1988. The sites has also been activated by the U. S. Customs Service.

We currently have two approved Sub zones: 

 North American Lighting in Flora, Salem & Paris, Illinois (Activated)                                       Marathon/Ashland Oil Refinery in Robinson, Illinois (Activated)

3,158 people are employed in our Zone.

Annual volume of merchandise processed in our Zone this past year was 2.4 billion dollars.

Foreign Trade Zone #146 is and has been a very successful program. It is truly a regional program that has helped Southeastern Illinois, Southern Illinois and Southwestern Indiana.

For further information concerning Foreign Trade Zones and their benefits, please contact:

Lawrence County Industrial Development Council
600 Cherry Lane
Lawrenceville, Illinois 62439
Phone: 618/943-5219
Fax: 618/943-5910