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Lawrence County

Greetings from Lawrence County, Illinois! Mid-America at its finest. Lawrence County has some unique advantages that cannot be found in a similar environment anywhere else in the Midwest. If you are looking for a rural community with big city amenities, a pro-business attitude, a rural work ethic, a strong housing base, a staunch interest in life long education and a belief in family values, then, Lawrence County, Illinois is the place for you.

Our web-site has been designed to accommodate various interests and needs. You may be just curious about Lawrence County, Illinois, or you may be interested in locating to and residing in our county, or you may want to learn more about our Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce and its activities, or you may be a company representative or consultant who is looking at our county as a possible site location for a new plant or facility. If so, we invite you to inspect our Economic Development page. So, with your probable desires, needs, requirements and other location factors in mind, we would like to introduce you to Lawrence County, Illinois!


The history of Lawrence County Illinois touches almost every historical era…George Rogers Clark marched across the County during the Revolution; Tecumseh traveled through its forests; Abe Lincoln moved his family through it and later became a regular visitor; it was the first Illinois county to hang a woman; the first men enlisting for duty when Lincoln called for recruits during the Civil War were from Lawrence county; oil was discovered under its soil producing an unrivaled economic boom, and an Army base was built on its prairie during WWII.

To learn more visit the Lawrence County Historical Society website: